sound journey

by Molly Rabuffo

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An at-home guided sound experience:

‣ Before you begin, set out a glass of water and a light snack for yourself for later. I recommend dark chocolate and/or blackberries (but anything sweet, or any fresh fruit, will do).

‣ Find a comfortable place to spend the next twenty minutes. I recommend laying down (on a yoga mat, couch, bed, whatever you'd like) with pillows and blankets as needed. You may also sit up with your back and neck supported. You may also use an eye mask to enhance the experience.

‣ It is strongly recommended to listen with headphones. Adjust your volume as needed, to your liking.

‣ As you listen, you may find your mind wandering. When you notice this, gently guide yourself back to the sounds you are hearing. What do you notice as you deeply listen?

‣ Some sounds may feel uncomfortable or unpleasant for you, and that is natural. If you feel tension or anxiety, continue breathing and allow the sound to move through your body as it needs to. Often, the discomfort means that energy is moving away from a place where it no longer serves you. Allow. Sound is not inherently good or bad.

‣ When you are done listening, take a moment to rest and enjoy the silence. This can be one of the most restorative parts of the practice.

‣ When you are ready, take a sip of water and enjoy a snack. How might the sound journey have heightened your other senses?

‣ Some additional questions for reflection: What did your experience bring up for you? What did it feel like in your body? What did you see behind your eyelids? Where did you go?

‣ Find a blank piece of paper and draw a large circle in the center. Then, design your experience. Feel free to use plenty of color!
‣ Journal about your experience. Document how you felt before, during, and after.
‣ Breathe and use your voice: in through the nose for 4 beats, and exhale on a hum (any note that comes to you). Repeat to your desire. On the final few exhales, open that hum to an "ah".
‣ Stretch your body gently. I recommend light floor stretches, ending in child's pose.
‣ Take a gentle walking tour of your own home and/or neighborhood. What small details are you noticing that haven't been appreciated recently? Make a list, if you want.

Thank you for listening.

Instruments include: Ocean Drum, Gong, Voice, Rattle, Bird Whistle, Crystal Singing Bowls, Biosonic Tuning Forks, Koshi Chimes (Earth and Water), Shruti Box

This track is especially for Sam, Zaq, Joseph, Marie, Luka, Eden, Jack, and Emma.


released April 30, 2020
Performed, recorded, and mixed by Molly Rabuffo

Album art: Photography by Molly Rabuffo, overlay image of Wheel of Fortune from The Wild Unknown (Kim Krans).

The Wheel of Fortune embraces uncertainty and trusts in duality. It invites us to sit inside the darkness with the deeper knowledge that light will come. Although we may live in a web that feels too complex -- one that we consistently beg to understand and control -- the Wheel of Fortune teaches us to surrender and trust the journey. A circle needs all 360 degrees to be complete.


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Maura New York

Molly Rabuffo is a singer/songwriter performing under her legal first name, Maura. She can often be found sprawled on the floor of her Brooklyn apartment, crying silent tears of awe on the subway while listening to old sacred motets, or strutting through the streets of Manhattan in her favorite black heeled booties. ... more

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